Rezedent In The News

Expat moves Silicon Valley software startup to Buffalo

Tim Zielinski started his first business enterprise while a student at the University at Buffalo, making deliveries of fresh meat, poultry and seafood to customers he found through ads placed in the Metro Community News. The Buffalo native relocated to Northern California, where he launched a consulting and staffing firm in 1998 that he still operates today.

Now, Zielinski has founded his latest company, Rezedent, which allows for the online collection of homeowners’ association dues and rent payments. Residents also can use the network to make online requests for help from their landlord and to communicate with people who live in their building.

Silicon Valley resident bringing his startup back to Buffalo, his hometown

Rezedent is an online property management and payment platform for rental properties, targeting the middle of a market that's currently underserved by tech solutions, according to company leaders. The company has gone through beta and launched recently, with features that allow renters to pay online and also both send and receive communications about their living experience.

The software suite doesn't cost anything. Rezedent leaders say they'll earn revenue from transactions through the platform (that are handled by a third-party bank) and a la cart services, such as tenant screening and marketing.